The Turtle Graphics Applet

Coinciding with the launch of the new Turtle System 10.3, a new Java Applet for running Turtle programs on the web is now available from the link below. It was created by Ben Dawes, based on an earlier version by Jonathan Millican, with the surrounding interface by Henry Merivale.

Launch the Applet (opens in a new tab)

The Applet has several illustrative programs with explanatory notes, designed to introduce all of the main features of the system. Please note that these materials are still under development, and more will be added soon.

You can also use the Applet to publish your own Turtle programs on the web. Simply follow this three-step process:

1. With your program loaded in the Turtle System, click on 'View -> Display Power User Menu' (if the Power User Menu is not already displayed). Then click 'Compile -> Save PCode file' to save your compiled program to your computer.

2. Upload the compiled PCode file created in step 1 to your web site.

3. Copy and paste the following code into any HTML page in the same directory as the PCode file that you uploaded at step 2, replacing 'yourprogram.tgp' with the filename of your program:

<div id="applet">
<object type="application/x-java-applet" style="width:500px;height:528px;">
<param name="code" value="">
<param name="archive" value="">
<param name="type" value="playwithcontrol">
<param name="pcodeurl" value="yourprogram.tgc">
<param name="codebase_lookup" value="false">
Snapshot from programmed video

Snapshot from video made by Turtle Graphics