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Author Title Publisher Year Description
Boolos, George S. and Jeffrey, Richard C. Computability and Logic Cambridge 1989
Copeland, Jack (ed.) The Essential Turing Oxford 2004 An important and extremely useful collection; includes Copeland's excellent introductions as well as many pieces by Turing.
Cutland, N. J. Computability: An Introduction to Recursive Function Theory Cambridge 1980
Davis, Martin The Undecidable Raven Press 1965 Collects together famous papers by Godel, Church, Turing, Rosser, Kleene and Post.
Feynman, Richard P. Feynman Lectures on Computation Penguin 1999
Harel, David The Science of Computing: Exploring the Nature and Power of Algorithms Addison-Wesley 1989 A lucid and accessible introduction to the issues of Computer Theory: correctness, complexity, computability etc.
Hodges, Andrew Alan Turing: The Enigma Vintage 1992 Classic biography of Turing, and inspiration for the play "Breaking the Code".
Hodges, Andrew Turing Phoenix 1997 A brief but very illuminating sketch of Turing's life and key ideas.
Nagel, Ernest and Newman, James R. Godel's Proof NYU 1958 A classic, presenting the main ideas of Gödel's Theorem in an exceptionally clear and accessible manner.
Petzold, Charles The Annotated Turing Wiley 2008 A brilliant "guided tour" which includes Turing's historic 1936 paper on Turing Machines, explained in detail to be as accessible as possible.
Smullyan, Raymond A Puzzle Guide to Godel Oxford 1988
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