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     (both general, and on Philosophy in particular)

Books on Humanities Computing

Author Title Publisher Year Description
Butler, Christopher S. (ed.) Computers and Written Texts Blackwell 1992 A collection of papers, several of which are first-rate, including Burrows' classic stylometric study.
Hockey, Susan Electronic Texts in the Humanities: Principles and Practice Oxford 2000 A general overview of Electronic Texts, by one of the foremost experts.
Kenny, Anthony The Computation of Style Pergamon 1982 An excellent and relatively non-technical introduction to stylometric analysis and the relevant statistical theory.
Kenny, Anthony A Stylometric Study of the New Testament Oxford 1986
Kenny, Anthony The Aristotelian Ethics: A study of the relationship between the 'Eudemian' and 'Nicomachean Ethics' of Aristotle Oxford 1978
The Earth from the Moon

The Earth from the Moon