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Books on Artificial Intelligence

Author Title Publisher Year Description
Aleksander, Igor and Burnett, Piers Thinking Machines Oxford 1987 A glossy coffee-table style introduction to AI.
Bechtel, William and Abrahamsen, Adele Connectionism and the Mind Blackwell 1991
Bench-Capon, T. J. M. Knowledge Representation: An approach to artificial intelligence Academic Press 1990
Boden, Margaret Artificial Intelligence and Natural Man Basic Books 1977 Deservedly considered a classic, comprehensible to the general reader wanting to learn about AI and its implications, but plenty to interest the expert also.
Boden, Margaret A. Artificial Intelligence in Psychology MIT 1989
Boden, Margaret A. (ed.) The Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence Oxford 1990 A substantial collection of excellent papers on the Philosophy of Artificial Intelligence, with a useful introduction.
Clark, Andy Microcognition MIT 1989
Copeland, Jack Artificial Intelligence: A Philosophical Introduction Blackwell 1993 An excellent and engaging discussion of the philosophical issues surrounding AI.
Genesereth, Michael R. and Nilsson, Nils J. Logical Foundations of Artificial Intelligence Morgan Kaufmann 1987
Hofstadter, Douglas Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid Penguin 1980 A famous book, hard to categorise, which muses on the links between music, art, logic and artificial intelligence.
Koza, John R. Genetic Programming: On the programming of computers by natural selection MIT 1992 A review by Bruce Edmonds (JASSS 2.1, 1999) includes an introductory essay on Genetic Algorithms.
Preston, John and Bishop, Mark (eds) Views Into the Chinese Room Oxford 2002 A collection of papers on John Searle's Chinese Room thought-experiment and its philosophical implications.
Russell, Stuart and Norvig, Peter Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach Prentice Hall 2003 The second edition of a standard (and very substantial) university-level textbook on AI.
Spivey, Michael An Introduction to Logic Programming through Prolog Prentice Hall 1996 Available online at Mike Spivey's Oriel College, Oxford website.
Weizenbaum, Joseph Computer power and human reason Penguin 1984

Books on Philosophy of Mind

Author Title Publisher Year Description
Brown, Geoffrey Minds, Brains and Machines Bristol Classical Press 1989
Dennett, Daniel C. Brainstorms Harvester 1978 A fascinating and entertaining collection of papers in the Philosophy of Mind, including the wonderfully amusing and thought-provoking "Where Am I?".
Dennett, Daniel C. Consciousness Explained Penguin 1993
Dennett, Daniel C. The Intentional Stance MIT 1987 Presents Dennett's influential theory of intentionality through a range of thought-provoking papers (also includes "Beyond Belief").
Hofstadter, Douglas R. and Dennett, Daniel C. The Mind's I: Fantasies and reflections on self and soul Penguin 1982
Penrose, Roger Shadows of the Mind Oxford 1994
Penrose, Roger The Emperor's New Mind Oxford 1989

Books on Cognitive Science

Author Title Publisher Year Description
Boden, Margaret A. Mind as Machine: A History of Cognitive Science Oxford 2006 A magnificent achievement, documenting the development of a field to which Boden herself contributed significantly over a long period.
Clapin, Hugh (ed.) Philosophy of Mental Representation Oxford 2002
Lycan, William G. (ed.) Mind and Cognition: A Reader Blackwell 1990
Manktelow, K. I. and Over, D. E. Inference and Understanding: A Philosophical and Psychological Perspective Routledge 1990
Mohyeldin Said, K. A., Newton-Smith, W. H., Viale, R., and Wilkes, K. V. (eds) Modelling the Mind Oxford 1990
Winograd, Terry Language as a Cognitive Process Addison-Wesley 1983
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