Welcome to the home page of PhiloComp.net

The aim of this website is to highlight the many strong links between Philosophy and Computing, for the benefit of students of both disciplines:

For students of Philosophy who are seeking ways into formal Computing, learning by discovery about programming, how computers work, language processing, artificial intelligence, and even conducting computerised thought experiments on philosophically interesting problems such as the evolution of co-operative behaviour.

For students of Computing who are keen to see how their technical abilities can be applied to intellectually exciting and philosophically challenging problems.

The links along the top of these web pages lead to the main sections of the website (click here for the next page in the "Home" section). The images along the left, right, and bottom link to some of the most popular pages, including those that are host to the teaching systems Elizabeth, Signature, and Turtle. See the Site Map for a comprehensive list of other links.

This website is under development by Peter Millican, Fellow and Professor of Philosophy at Hertford College, Oxford University, who previously taught both Philosophy and Computing for 20 years at the University of Leeds. It is intended to support the New Degree Programme in Computer Science and Philosophy at Oxford University, which selected its first cohort of students in December 2011, who finished their first year of the degree in 2013.